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The Subaru XT, also known as the Subaru Alcyone in its home market of Japan, was a compact sports coupe that was produced by Subaru from 1985 to 1991. It shares a similar "folded paper" design with the Subaru Leone. The XT was available with a range of engine options, including turbocharged four-cylinder and 2.7-liter engines.

The XT had a 2+2 seating configuration and a rear seat that could fold down to expand the cargo area, providing practicality for a sports coupe. It was eventually succeeded by the Subaru SVX.

Subaru XT Coupe Recommended Upgrades

Engine and Performance Upgrades

Installation of a high-flow air intake system helps optimize air intake, improve throttle response, and increase engine power. Adding a performance exhaust system improves engine sound and exhaust flow, which potentially increases performance.

Suspension and Handling Enhancements

Coilover suspension systems enable adjustable ride height and dampening, resulting in better handling and a sportier ride. Sway bars improve cornering ability and performance by reducing body roll.

Wheels and Tires

Larger wheels increase appearance, but they also have wider tires for improved grip and handling. Equipping the XT with high-performance tires can significantly enhance cornering and traction.

Lighting Enhancements

LED lighting improves visibility, adds a modern touch, and improves the lighting aesthetics of the vehicle. You can also add powerful auxiliary lights to boost visibility during nighttime or off-road adventures for outdoor enthusiasts.

Interior Customization

Custom upholstery or seat covers can be used to lend a sense of luxury and personalization to the cabin. Upgrading the infotainment system with modern features, such as touchscreen displays and smartphone connectivity, enhances in-car entertainment and convenience.

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