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Shopping for Subaru Forester parts and accessories online? Finding them isn't too hard. After all, Subaru put the compact SUV out in 1998, and it's still for sale today.

Plus, there have been plenty of trims. Initially, the crossover came in base, L, and S, eventually including X, XS, and XT, XS L.L. Bean Edition and XT Premium, X, X L.L. Bean Edition, and XT Limited. In 2007, Sports X and Sports XT trims were offered, and by 2021, you could get Premium, Sport, Limited, or Touring.

Several engines have been offered as well. Early on, you had a choice of a naturally aspirated or a turbocharged 2.5-liter, four-cylinder, with improvements from there. Moreover, features have abounded over the years. The SUV came with a four-speed automatic transmission at one point, for example, and these days, standards include Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD), air conditioning, and disc brakes, while options range from alloy wheels, adaptive LED headlights, and active grille shutters to a windshield wiper de-icer, keyless ignition, and more.

The real trouble, then, becomes finding Forester parts and accessories that are both Subaru quality and affordable.

You won't find them at the parts counters of most Subaru dealerships. Sure, you might get OEM parts there, but you'll pay MSRP. You won't find them at aftermarket parts stores, either. Yes, you'll probably pay less, but quality may be questionable at best. Consider having to shop for replacement parts for those that are, say, common problems for Subaru Forester vehicles -- oxygen sensors, head gaskets, exhaust parts like catalytic converters, and such. In these cases, getting top quality at a low price becomes absolutely necessary.

You're in luck. You can get OE-quality parts and accessories alike right here at Stivers Decatur Subaru; we sell only the genuine article, made by Subaru and guaranteed compatible with the Forester model you love. You can avoid paying too much for them, too; our prices can be up to 35% off MSRP. Perhaps best of all, they come with a Subaru warranty. That peace of mind, you won't always get buying Forester parts on the Subaru aftermarket.

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