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Subaru has a long and storied history.

What began as the Aircraft Research Laboratory, founded in 1915 by Japanese industrialist Chikuhei Nakajima, would soon after, in 1932, become the Nakajima Aircraft Company, and after World War II, Fuji Sangyo Co, Ltd. 1946 would see this firm manufacture the first and highly popular Fuji Rabbit motor scooter, and 1950 would see it split into 12 smaller corporations. Between 1953 and 1955, many of these companies would merge, forming Fuji Heavy Industries, under CEO Kenji Kita. A car-manufacturing division of the company would become Subaru, named after the Pleiades star cluster, the brand's iconic logo, and its heritage would become auto industry legend.

The story continues today. After all, you know the automaker as one of the most popular producers of cars and SUVs out there. Its offerings have ranged widely, from the Subaru Forester and Outback crossovers to the Subaru Legacy and Impreza sedans and hatchbacks. There have even been a few classics along the way as well, like the Subaru Baja and Brat, not to mention some of the most sought-after sports cars around, like the Subaru WRX and the rear-wheel-drive Subaru BRZ. Moreover, the brand's also known the world over for its innovative designs and technologies -- among them, permanent Subaru Symmetrical AWD and its flat-four engine, the SUBARU BOXER.

Here at Stivers Decatur Subaru, we uphold that legacy. We sell Subaru auto parts and accessories galore, to be sure, and that means everything from head gaskets and suspension parts to timing belts -- areas of Subaru vehicles with common problems. More importantly, though, we sell only the genuine OEM article, made specifically for the model you love to drive. That fit-and-finish guarantee, you may not always get from aftermarket brands and parts.

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